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'We are so delighted to share with you Kibanga Medical Centre sitting right at the centre of the project here (which includes Sunbeams nursery & primary school, the high school and the farm.) This medical centre was born out of a dream of one of our very faithful and dedicated supporters Paul Adams who went to be with the Lord in November 2018. Paul visited Uganda many times, and had a real love and passion for the children and families of Kibanga, Busiika. During his own battle with illness, he had a goal of being able to provide the community of Kibanga with much needed affordable medical care. When Paul sadly passed away, his family made sure that his dream would still come to pass… and so here today we present to you the health centre. It includes a pharmacy, a dentist surgery, doctors surgery, nurses station, 2 bathrooms/showers, laboratory, a girls/ladies ward, a boys/men’s ward and a reception. We believe this clinic is going to make a huge difference to the whole village as well as our school children. Life is extremely fragile here and it is our hope that this health centre will be a light in the community where people will come, be treated & be cared for in a loving and dignified way. While we didn’t expect to open the clinic during corona virus lock down, we realised it would be a wasted resource not to! 


So we are currently operating with just one nurse (with a fully stocked pharmacy!) and cleaner, and after lockdown is over we will start functioning properly by adding a doctor and dentist to the team. We are so glad to have made the decision to open as in just this first week 3 malaria patients have been treated, an extremely young married woman has been given medical care & counselling, 2 pregnancy & HIV tests have been carried out, and a very old women with jiggers in her feet has been relieved of the pain.

Kibanga Positive Malaria Test.jpg

Positive malaria test 

Our nurse Elizabeth




We have a new team member at Kibanga Medical Centre, which will make a HUGE difference to so many in our community.


Watch this video as we introduce Alan the Ambulance...  




We are so grateful for the provision that has been available to build this health centre. However, we realise that there is an ongoing cost which needs to be covered every month in order to make this centre an effective resource for the whole community.


Our monthly budget includes:


  • A doctor's monthly salary - £100 (This is on the basis of one day a week/ 4 days per month)

  • A dentist's monthly salary - £100 (This is on the basis of one day a week/4 days per month)

  • 2 full time nurses' monthly salaries - £80 each

  • A cleaner's monthly salary - £45

  • A security guard's monthly salary - £45

  • Daily running costs such as water, electricity, medicines, cleaning products - £100 a month.


If you feel that you’d like to be part of supporting the cost of running Kibanga Medical Centre we’d be absolutely delighted.


Please get in touch, via our DONATE page.


Can you help us?

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