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New Church Community Centre


We are delighted to be able to update you on how our newest project is progressing... 

However, as an introduction to where this need came from, click here to view our original video update....


A little background
As a charity much of our focus is on the education & wellbeing of under-privileged children, something that we are so passionate about. Another huge focus is to share the love of Jesus with the children & families under our care, for example during the school week the children both in primary & high school have a Wednesday afternoon set apart to learn from the Bible, sing songs & pray together. However, the church in Busiika
was extremely small and could not cope with the number of school children that we have. 


We also realised that there is a huge need in the community at large for a thriving church which welcomes everyone in to know God, and learn more about him. As well as that, a community hub where people can gather for all sorts of activities & events that will run throughout the week & a place where they can receive nourishment, help & support. 

And so the need to build a Church Community Centre was realised. The vision was that this would be a large church, with a large multipurpose two storey sanctuary able to accommodate seating for around 1000 people, with other smaller rooms and toilets too. It would be located right next to the Sunbeams School & dormitory, right in the centre of our other projects in Busiika including the clinic & the High School.  


Priject Update (May 2023)

So now that you are aware of were the project vision came from, how is it progressing?

Well it's been a whirlwind... our new Church Community Centre which was originally planned to be a 5 year project has now got a roof on! It's been a year of daily work for the builders, headed up by Engineer Raymond, who has contracted many others plus many of the young boys in our community - just amazing to see to have this project bring employment to many. The building work itself is now complete with the roof on, and now we look ahead to the many finishings needed such as windows, doors, water, electricity, plastering, flooring, chairs etc. The list may still seem extremely long, however we are delighted that we've now got it to this stage, where it can be used on a weekly basis as it is.


We’d love your help!

Obviously with the nature of the project, a big budget was needed & continues to be needed. Original funds came via the Glasgow Kiltwalk fundraiser, back in April 2021, which raised an unbelievable £36,000! (A proportion of this money was kept aside to maintain & sustain other projects & for emergencies which can often occur, with the remainder going towards this new building project.)


We would love to welcome you on this ongoing journey with us! We’d absolutely love & appreciate any support you can offer, whether through prayer support or financial. If you would like to donate to this project, please click here... 


Meantime, here's some photos of our journey so dar... we’ll be sure to keep you updated on the progress!






Plus some photos of activites already happening in our new Church Community Centre...


Church services...


Our midweek Mothers & Toddlers Group...

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