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Peter & Rose Kasozi are just as passionate and enthusiastic today for their local  community as they were back in 1994, at the start of Rock Projects, when they opened up their home to just 7 young children.

As a couple, they  married  in  1989  &  have  6  beautiful children. Andrea, married to Mike  with  their  daughters Melanie & Michelle, Roy married to Caitlin. Ian, Phyllis, Rebecca  and Ryan, who sadly died in March 2017, aged just 4. 

With so much to  do  and  so many people to care for in their community, they are always busy & life  is  rarely quiet for them. Peter oversees and directs all of Rock  Projects  activities,  while  Rose  focuses on the Primary School in Kitetikka and the 150 children that board in the on-site dormitories.



Rock Projects originated just 7 miles outside of Uganda’s capital city, Kampala, in a village called Kitetikka, where now we have a Primary School, High School, church, and both girls & boys dormitories all located there.


In 2014 work started developing a site in Busiika, where now stands Sunbeams Nursery, their Primary School, provision for S1-S3 pupils & both girls & boys dormitories.


All of these different facilities are focused on the care of under-privileged children, some of whom are orphans. We believe each and every child is precious and it is our privilege to care for their needs, not only by providing them with education, hot meals and shelter, but an environment which gives them the confidence that they are loved and cared for. Rock Projects Uganda is continuing to grow, slowly spreading out into surrounding towns and communities. 


To find out more about what we have been involved with in recent months, please review out most recent newsletter:

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