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Lockdown Love for Uganda

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Could you spare £15 to feed a family for 1 month?

We know the impact of Covid19 and Lockdown restrictions are being felt all across the world.

As at the end of June 2021, Uganda is facing a huge rise in Covid cases throughout the country. Museveni, Uganda’s president has announced a 6 week total lockdown with schools, churches, transport, markets, businesses etc all being closed! This has a huge effect on our school children & the community at large.

Over a TONNE of posho & beans has already been delivered by Rock Projects Uganda! It’s been a real lifeline to so many of the 130 families who received this gift of food. The situation here in Uganda continues to be a challenge, with a fast rise in Covid cases, lack of vaccines, and a complete lockdown leading to a whole host of problems most especially hunger.

We know that these are difficult times for everybody - we understand that you may not be able to support this appeal at this time. 

If you feel you are able, then £15 will provide a family of 5 with enough food to last 1 month. If you’re unable to contribute at this time, we totally understand, however we would be so grateful if you could help us even by sharing this appeal & keeping Uganda in your prayers?

We thank you so much for your continued interest and support for Rock Projects Uganda, you may never fully understand the impact you have on the communities here.

To make a donation now, please CLICK HERE, thank you so much!

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